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How to Read the Akashic Records

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  • Do you sometimes struggle to make important decisions and wish you had more clarity, insight and confidence?

  • How often do you say YES to someone (family, boss, clients) when you really want to say NO?

  • Do you often put others’ needs before your own?


I’m Julie Hawkins…

The Biz Psychic & Women’s Empowerment Coach

  • What if you could know you were making the right choice for your next job?

  • What if you could know what pitfalls to avoid in your business before they happened?

  • What if you knew that the problems you’ve been experiencing over and over again were connected to some past karma?

  • What if you could finally connect to your internal guidance to discern the best choices for you?

Julie says, “I believe we are all born with intuitive abilities. Some of us have more skill than others or have been able to refine their intuitive and psychic abilities.”

Julie is:

  • Clairvoyant (clear-seeing);

  • Claircognizant (clear-knowing); 

  • Clairaudient (clear-hearing); and

  • Clairsentient (clear-sensing as in sensations).

Known and appreciated by hundreds of savvy women entrepreneurs and business professionals, Julie Hawkins’ expert psychic insights and coaching are the “secret sauce” to bring about results that used to be just beyond reach, to well in hand.

Julie also expertly guides clients to say NO without guilt, discern when it’s right to say YES and teach them how to make courageous and confident decisions that pave the way to a prosperous and satisfying outcome.

“I also get the logical side of life,” says Julie. “As a trainer of NLP I can use rapid behavioral change techniques and advanced communication skills to achieve the specific outcomes my clients seek.

Everything I do and teach is to provide expert intuitive guidance to women entrepreneurs and business professionals and give them the skills to make their life easier, prosperous and joyful!”

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