Why You Need More FUN and How to Get it!

Felix and his “mouse”

I imagine almost everyone who has to make a living of some kind needs to have more fun in their life. As a culture, we seem to want to deny this fundamental human element in favor of being “more productive.” The ironic part of that mindset is that the more fun we have, the happier it makes us, resulting in more productivity. That’s it! That’s my argument for having more fun and joy in life! It’s simple really, so please, no analyzing, overthinking, justifying or denying. Just do it.

1.     Balance and imbalance happen naturally. We are energetic beings. Energy is always moving and in flux, unless you are dead. Your mission…should you choose to accept it…is to manage and direct this energy toward actions, thoughts, and behaviors that make you happy. It’s a choice (even though there are people who will argue with me about it). YOU can make that choice.

2.     Step outside your truly uncomfortable “comfort” zone. Humans are very adaptable. We often adapt too easily to situations that are negative, restrictive, and unsupportive in favor of the ones that are the converse to that simply because we know them (that BS). You always have a choice. Always! Being static is a choice. Listening to the monkey chatter in your head is a choice. You always have a choice whether you want to believe this or not (that’s a choice). It is not always easy; it is a choice.

3.     STOP coming up with excuses. That’s bullshit! It’s not just a cliché to say “live each day as if there is no tomorrow.”  Practice it! All we have is the present moment and the choices we make in that moment. Be thoughtful (not overthinking it) about the choice you are about to make before you make it.

After my daughter turned 6, I was the only parent in her life. Some of my decisions regarding her were spontaneous and reactive. It can be the way of the single parent. However, the majority of the time I considered the choices I was making on her behalf and how they would impact her (and sometimes me). It caused me to think about my own choices in life. For me, this pre-consideration seemed to come naturally. Even if it’s not normally that way for you, you can learn this way of thinking and put it into practice. It is a choice.

4.     “FUN” doesn’t have to cost money. Watch any kids or pets (see Felix with his mouse?) because they know intuitively how to play and have fun! They know this because it feels good. Life is about feeling good. Make the choice that feels good.

5.     If you are still not sure how to make fun after reading my tips, then ask someone who does and pay attention to them. Start copying them even if it doesn’t feel natural at first. Choose to do it.

Now, go have fun!

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