My 21-Day Cleanse Journey, Cleanse Eve

I’m hungry. I ate dinner; Mongolian BBQ that was my leftover lunch so it was very healthy and fresh, and I’m still hungry and the cleanse hasn’t even started officially. It is the anticipation of the coming 21 days, actually it’s the first day that’s got my nerves jangled.

To some it may seem obvious why I should/could do this cleanse, but for me it’s not even intuitive. Let me back up a bit. Back around the beginning of November I injured my leg (apparently I pulled the gastrocnemius muscle) and I’ve been unable to work out ever since. I’ve gained a pound for each month of exercise abstinence and my body pain has increased as well as my original back pain (I already suffer from spinal stenosis). Sometimes I think I hurt because I need movement.

Here I am 7 months later. My leg is better but I still have pain and it is certainly not Zumba ready. My overall body pain feels intolerable as well as the fact that the additional 7 lbs now makes me feel emotionally and physically like shit. Honestly, I felt like the cleanse was only thing I haven’t tried to help my pain. So I decided I would try a “reset” and see where this goes. I also got on my elliptical yesterday for 10 minutes of mild “walking” speed movement. Unfortunately, I’m really hurting today.

What’s ahead? I don’t know. I have a refrigerator stocked to the walls with amazing fruits and veggies and that’s what I get for the first 8 days. Sad face emoji. I love fruits and veggies… and I love animal protein, nuts and a little bit of really good dark chocolate which I gave up about 2 weeks ago. I ate a date tonight and that helped a bit with the “I want something sweet” feeling in the evening.

Ok, I’m thinking a delicious berry and greens smoothie with some additional protein powder for breakfast (because nothing will make me want to deviate faster than not enough protein). I’m quite happy to sauté up loads of veggies for lunch and a salad for dinner. After that I’m not sure how to change it up and I NEED variety, so let me know your thoughts and suggestions. I don’t get the quinoa until Day 8. Sad face emoji.

Happy Monday to all

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