My 21-Day Cleanse Experience: Day 5

Enlightenment! Well, maybe just awareness. I had been incorporating some brown rice and quinoa (a delightful mix pre-cooked and available at Costco) because I felt like I wasn’t getting enough to eat and I’m not supposed to start chicken or fish until day 11 (oh hell NO). I noticed that for the last 3 days about 45 minutes after I ate this with my vegetables, I got a headache. Thankfully, now I know what the headache is from. I made the decision to add chicken to my dinner, and voila, I feel almost normal again, which is critical because I’m doing a psychic fair all day tomorrow and I have at least be able to focus.

I am someone who needs animal protein. Sometimes I wish I didn’t, because I’d probably be happier morally if I didn’t eat animal meat. But I know my body and it needs a lot of protein and not the chickpea kind. I mostly eat chicken and some fish (thankfully I never really grow tired of chicken) and it feeds my brain. So tonight my neighbor and friend agreed to share her chicken and vegetables with me. (I begged actually because by the time I got home, it was rush hour and I just didn’t have the energy to brave the traffic to go to Whole Foods for organic chicken). Plus, she’s Italian, loves to cook and is just the greatest and most generous friend. So here I am feeling much more like I can complete the rest of the cleanse, as long as I have chicken or fish to go with my veggies! Ahhh, I can finally say goodnight with a smiley face emjoi!

We’ll see what tomorrow brings!

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