My 21-Day Cleanse Experience: Days 8, 9 and beyond!

I’m Done! 21 days is ridiculous. This is a lifestyle, right?

A few years ago I spoke with Ellen Lovelace, a nutritionist with A Balanced Table because no matter what I ate and how much I exercised, I couldn’t get the scale to budge. It was quite disheartening. As part of my work with her, I did a metabolism reset “diet.” I could eat lots of protein including bacon (which is also a fat and one of my favorite foods in the world) and that made it fairly easy. I couldn’t eat any grains or sugar of course. I made it 2.5 of the 3 weeks I was supposed to do it and felt complete. I never lost a pound while I was on the diet, but as soon as I came off and started incorporating more foods, the weight consistently began to come off. It was great!

30+ pounds later I hit a wall. I had 10 pounds to go to my goal and no matter what I did, as before, the weight was stuck. Frustrating to say the least. Then I injured my leg and for every month I couldn’t work out I gained a pound. What the _____? I was back where I was a few years before with the wall.

Then recently, random people started mentioning cleanses so I asked my acupuncturist about it and we decided I would go on her 21 day cleanse protocol from Standard Process. First and foremost for me, this was about stopping the constant pain I was feeling in my body (I believe from not being able to work out) and I felt desperate to relieve it. The weight loss would be a side benefit.

At Day 7 it was clear to me I wanted to modify this cleanse to be more like a regular healthy food plan, not 3 smoothies a day with veggies and some protein. This was not sustainable for me. So here I am today, 9 days into “the cleanse” that I have modified into a healthy food plan. The 21 Day Cleanse is over. It’s great now and definitely more sustainable for me. I tell you all this because it is a lifelong journey for me, not just a 21 day cleanse which I’m done blogging about.

Oh and by the way, I’m down 5 pounds with 10 more to go. I hope the wall is gone! Thank you all so much for your love and support. It made that “cleanse” week tolerable.

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