What if You Don’t Hear What You Want in Your Reading?

The whole point of a reading is to gain insight and clarity you would not otherwise have access to, and that often means receiving information that can be at the very least, unexpected. One such reading occurred when a lovely young woman sat down in front of me. I opened her Records and I heard “hi-tech.” When I conveyed this to her, she said it made no sense to her (this wasn’t her field). As “we” began to ask questions in her Records, the energy felt cloudy. This ambiguity can be just as frustrating for me as it can be for the client. I persisted and by the end of the reading it seemed that much of the ambiguity remained.

This woman was in a career transition and while she had a direction she was considering, it wasn’t definitive for her and far from conclusive in her Records. This lack of clarity weighed on me. What I realized later was that the energy I was reading/receiving was reflective of her current life status. The ambiguity in her reading indicated that her Guides wanted her to do additional research before they would weigh in. This is a rare occurence; in the over 600 readings I’ve given it’s happened fewer than 10 times.

As for the “hi-tech” reference, the next two readings I gave were with people in hi-tech who had come to the fair with the young woman. Sometimes information comes through and it “spills over.” I was picking up their energy but didn’t understand the connection to the young woman it until they sat down with me and I realized they all knew each other.

There are times I give a reading and the guides convey homework for the client to do. Sometimes the homework can be deeply painful inner work and the client can’t always see why they should do it or simply deny they need to do it. Since I am not attached to the outcome of a reading, it is not my intention to “force” anyone to do the inner work. What I can say is if you are given homework and you do not do it, a future reading is likely to be similar in direction or content as it was in previous readings. There’s a reason for homework and I can only impress the importance of doing it.

Listen, life is full of twists and turns and mysteries. It’s what gives us purpose to evolve. My request to my clients is that you listen. Listen to the information. Let it permeate your consciousness and allow it to be the insight you need, without judgment. Some of it may be validating and exciting, and some of it may be disappointing and isn’t that just the way of life. I can speak from personal experience as I recently had a reading with my teacher. While I get information for myself, it is always helpful to have an objective professional give me a reading. I won’t go into details, mostly because it would likely bore you. What I can say, is like many of the readings I give, some of her information was validating and some was a bit of a surprise (which is always nice). She also connected me with a couple of my deeply missed loved ones and that was truly the gift. Be patient. Be open and you will receive the gift.

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