About Me

Meet Julie Hawkins, the Biz Psychic

Julie Hawkins has been a life coach since 2001, a certified trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis and a Certified Advanced Akashic Records teacher. Hawkins is also a teacher of the ancient spiritual system of Hawaiian Huna and a lifelong student of the metaphysical.

Psychic from a young age and ill-equipped to work with her gifts, Hawkins entered the corporate world. After two decades in the professions of banking and law, respectively, she moved to Silicon Valley to work in high-tech. As a casualty of the “dot-com bust,” Hawkins turned her attention to the emerging field known as life coaching.

Being both nurturing and naturally inquisitive, Hawkins felt right at home in her new profession. Over the next few years, Hawkins took thousands of hours of training in the field of human potential and behavior change while simultaneously honing her psychic skills.

As The Biz Psychic, Hawkins draws upon her psychic skills to help savvy women entrepreneurs and business professionals by providing clarity, guidance, and wisdom through Akashic Record readings. She is also a psychic medium and brings connection and closure through spirit to those who need it.

After the unexpected death of her life and business partner, Hawkins struggled to thrive. “Life is a teaching experience, says Hawkins, and I learned that I needed much stronger yet loving boundary skills if I was going to survive and thrive.” Hawkins spent the next several years developing her boundary skills system that now she teaches in addition to her spiritual trainings.

Hawkins is a co-author of Tapping into God: Experiencing the Spiritual Spectrum and is working on her forthcoming book How to Say “No” Without Guilt: 6 Doable Steps to Confidently Set and Communicate Boundaries, the book her classes are based on.

Hawkins lives in San Jose and loves spending time with her cats, friends and doing Zumba when not writing, coaching or teaching.