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What if You Don’t Hear What You Want in Your Reading?

The whole point of a reading is to gain insight and clarity you would not otherwise have access to, and that often means receiving information that can be at the very least, unexpected. One such reading occurred when a lovely young woman sat down in front of me. I opened her Records and I heard […]

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The Unexpected

Recently I was conducting readings at a weekend psychic fair. Most of the readings were Akashic (guidance and clarity), however, I did one medium type reading and it was fascinating and, well, unexpected. An older gentleman and his wife sat down at my table. I proceeded to get his name so I could open his […]

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WIIFM? Could it save your life?

I actually love the acronym WIIFM, which stands for “what’s in it for me”? Almost everyone needs to understand specifically why investing their money, time or energy is important, before they will invest it, regardless of what the situation is. We are programmed (whether by DNA or societal conditioning – or both) to ponder and […]

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