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My 21-Day Cleanse Experience: Day 3

Well I made it through today. Amidst the darkness of the day, there was a bright spot. I had a massage and for the most part, it didn’t hurt. I get massages every 2 weeks because my back is always in spasm or just screaming pain in general. The reason I actually started the cleanse […]

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My 21-Day Cleanse Experience: Day 2

I’ve gone from headache to depression to boredom. I love my veggies and fruits…and, how the hell am I going to make it another 19 days without more variety. Let’s face it, there’s only so much you can do with veggies. I like (and need) variety in my food, or what’s the point? Ok, I […]

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What to do when you have trust issues

Asking if you have trust issues is probably a “duh” question, however, that doesn’t make having them easy or acceptable. Mistrust of others breeds anger, resentment, hurt, shame, disappointment and more. It can also intensify self-esteem problems, self-doubt and indecisiveness. It is hard to live a happy life when you feel this way. You didn’t […]

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